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We offer help with virus, software, hardware, laptops, desktops, printer and networking problems for PC, Apple and Linux computers.
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I was having glitches and issues with my computer, took it in and two days later got it back and it works better than when it was new! Fast and easier to use now. THANK YOU 600Monkeys for a GREAT… Read more “GREAT SERVICE”

Catherine J Whisenand

Raised to Life!

Couldn’t boot the desktop. Heard good things about 600Monkeys. They accurately diagnosed the problem as corrupted code, fixed it faster than expected and set up a better protection system. All at a fair price. Plus it runs faster than ever!… Read more “Raised to Life!”

Earl Weisenhorn

Professional, Honest, Respectful

My laptop crashed and the manufacturer told me that I had to repair my operating system. I knew that this was way over my computer literacy! A few months ago, I used 600 Monkeys to replace a computer screen and… Read more “Professional, Honest, Respectful”

Charlotte Hunkele

How do they do it?

When I have a problem with my laptop, I call them or take the computer in, and I don’t even know how to describe the problems/difficulties, and they promise to fix it. They return it fixed the same day or… Read more “How do they do it?”

Mildred Joann McDonald

People say they made a decision to have 600Monkeys help with their computer troubles based on the testimonials thay have read. If you would like to tell others about the benefit you have enjoyed and the level of service you have received, please make a note here. We hope that your experience has been great, if that isn't the case please let us know by calling 515.327.0600.

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If you ask us to help we'll give you common sense and non-technical answers to address your computer troubles. If it's not worth fixing, we won't be afraid to tell you. More than 1/2 of our business is from or by recommendations from previous customers. If you call us for a reference we can likely tell you about someone we have helped in your neighborhood or someone you may already know.

Software Installation

We can help with the installation of all of the software that you use...

Purchase Advice

Would you like to save as much as $300 (maybe more) on your next computer purchase?

Hardware Installation

We can help with the installation of all of the hardware connected to your computer....


More than one PC in your office or home...

Data Recovery

There are several reasons why your hard disk drive might lose data...


Computer security includes protection of information and property from...


“How often should I backup my computer?” is a question we’re frequently asked...

Virus & Spyware Removal

Strange and unpredictable behavior? It could be one of many different problems...



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  • Toner Supplies
  • Laptop Repair
  • Notebook Repair
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  • Virus Removal
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Networking
  • Data Recovery
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