The business of getting the best computer repair help is often difficult. But don’t worry as this post offers four questions, to ask a computer repair store that’ll help you judge whether it’s the right one for you.

How much experience does the computer store have?

An experienced computer store will have confidence while answering this question. Remember: If the technician has experience and expertise, a problem resolution will be quicker than ever. (And good problem-resolution rate means less downtime.) However, a couple of problems may be rare and may even take time for experienced technicians to resolve. That is, you shouldn’t be skeptical if the tech team takes some time in resolving such complex problems.

What’s expected (and ideal) turnaround time?

If the problem is resolved on-site, then ideal turnaround time is from two to three hours; and if the resolution takes place off-site, it’ll take anywhere between two and three days. There are exceptions when the team has to order a special hardware or software; in such cases, shipping time can extend turnaround time. If, however, you need a quick problem resolution, then some computer repair stores even accept “rush charges” so that your problem gets the top priority. Note: A few computer repairers keep your system in the workshops, for routine checks, for three days — if that’s the case, then it may be either because of their choked schedule or because they want you to get concerned.

Do you have flat rates or charge hourly?

A couple of repair shops charge hourly while some service at flat rates — the leading players, although, offer a mix of two. Many leading stores quote flat rates for all the common jobs while charge hourly when the job is complex. The complex tasks/incidents/tickets generally include retrieving data from faulty hard drive and converting data from an exotic format to a more common one. Which is why, it’s important to know what you’re getting before the invoice gets prepared, printed and delivered to your office. That’s why choose to diagnose the problem before starting the work. The diagnostic fee is usually minimal, our store almost always does this for free.

Do you people offer a guarantee?

Invariably, the right answer is a “Yes.” Whenever hardware in your system needs to be replaced, it’s covered within your manufacturer’s warranty; this warranty is generally of one year. Further, the hired computer shop guarantees the labor and parts for nearly 30 days. Exceptions generally come when there’s a problem with software.