This month’s article is written to tell you that the BSoD does not always mean the end of your computers useful life. Each week we have users calling to ask for advice in their search for a new computer and help transferring data from their old computer to a new one. We often hear that the new purchase was initiated by the blue screen of death (BSOD) message. There are certainly circumstances where the BSoD indicates a hardware trouble and a repair may not be sensible or affordable. You may or may not know of this error, it is the forbidding blue screen with cryptic error messages and code numbers. With a minor degree of investigation, 600MONKEYS (and most other capable repair locations) can frequently and fully repair the BSoD, have your computer work as well as new and generally at a fraction of the cost of new. This is a determination that can generally be made for free or at very low cost. Computer owners are frequently told about very general and nondescript causes for the BSoD message, examples might be “your computer is going bad” or “your computer is getting old”. We don’t think these descriptions are specific enough to warrant discarding your computer and automatically buying new.