Help Keeping Your Computer’s
Cooling System Clean

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You don’t likely worry about cleaning your computer and they seem to work just fine. However, as we’ll show you below, it actually does matter if you keep your computer clean.


Why You Should Clean Your Computers

Clean computers don’t just look nice. A thorough cleaning prevents other troubles as well:

  • Dust buildup inside the computer can clog the fan. The fan that normally keeps your computer cool will fail, and then your computer may overheat. Overheating can damage parts and shorten your computer’s lifespan, which means you’ll have to replace it sooner.
  • Dust buildup and regular overheating can also slow your computer.

Any one of these problems could lower productivity. Even though you’ll probably replace your computers in a few years (sometimes unnecessarily), your will have maximum productivity in the meantime if you regularly clean your computers.How to Clean Your Computers

How Often to Clean Your Computers

You should deep clean your computer several times a year (preferably once every three months), but other parts need attention more often. For example, you should clean the mouse and keyboard at least once a month, and you should clean your monitor’s exterior at least once a week.

Remember: cleaning your computers will help them last longer, and that will save you money. It’ll also help productivity because you’ll have a faster, more reliable machine, and won’t have allergens contaminating yourworkspace. This tip will help keep your computer  running great for years to come.