Getting infected by a virus when you thought your computer was well protected and well patched is very frustrating.

You being wary while online and incorporating regular updates are great first steps to system security. There is another step you can add, it’s simple, easy to employ and it is the one that I believe is a great addition to system protection, it’s called web filtering. The most popular implementation of this approach is OpenDNS (, they offer a free and paid version of service.

DNS is the system that translates an easy to remember name into an address that the World Wide Web understands. The DNS provided by your internet service doesn’t typically conduct filtering. When following the OpenDNS instructions, the free option allows you to filter out known to be dangerous web sites and has an additional choice to filter sites that aren’t family friendly. This approach taken to extremes is used by repressive governments in other parts of the world to control web content. When an offending address is identified, it is added to the DNS server and within hours begins to protect your computer. Users with VPN and elevated security requirements my experience trouble or have additional configuration requirements.