Would you like to save as much as $300 (maybe more) on your next computer purchase?

  • Don’t buy too much computer – It is VERY easy to be goaded into buying much more computer than you really need. Our short and simple guidance to computer purchasers is: Buy less expensive new computers ($400 -$500 range) more frequently (every 3, 4 or 5 years), rather than expect/hope the more expensive one they have bought will last longer (it probably won’t). Today’s computers are incredibly powerful compared to those made just a few years ago. For computer users with conventional needs, that’s about 97% of us, the $800 or $1000 computer is only a tiny fraction faster than the $400 computer.
  • Reuse software – Older version of Microsoft Office can work great on Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Use Less expensive software – LibreOffice is a great alternative
  • Skip the extended warranty – Its no surprise that most of the margin (profit) in your new computer purchase will be in the extras that are offered, this is one of the biggest. If the extra $200 to $300 you spend on the warranty could quickly replace your computer it may not be such a frightful expense. No matter what you are told, IT IS ALWAYS A HUGE HASSLE TO HAVE YOUR COMPUTER WARRANTY REPAIRED OR REPLACED. You will be fought at EVERY turn. You will be asked to add and remove parts and software so that the warranty provider can find some small reason to deny your claim. Call for real world examples and stories.
  • Desktop or laptop – Laptop performance is almost as good as desktops, although you may spend a little more money on them. If you know you won’t need the portability, then you might be able to get a little more computer for the same amount of money by purchasing a desktop.