We are frequently asked the question, “How often should I backup my computer?”. The simple answer is; as often as it would be terrible to lose your data. If you’re confronted with a deadline and don’t want to lose ten minutes of work, you should back up every ten minutes. Sometimes if your data is irreplaceable, you may want to backup twice (on two different backup devices).

Our experience tells us that when backups are difficult to accomplish or time consuming, they don’t get done. For an average user, we think that your backup process should take less than three or four button clicks and less than a minute to complete.

There are three important components to a great backup; number one is make certain it gets done, the second is, test that the files you believe are being backed up are indeed, being backed up. Backups can be done automatically, you should however, confirm that if you retrieved 100 pictures from your camera, there are 100 pictures newly added to your pictures directory. Additionally, make certain that 100 pictures are transferred to your remote/removable backup device. Thirdly, the quality of your backup media is important. For home users, our recommendation is to make your backups on remote or external hard disk drives (about $60 – $70). Thumb drives, jump drives and zip drives are good second or third forms of backup.

There are many different approaches to backup your data, we can help customize and setup inexpensive and simple to use backup system, call to learn more.