There are several great reasons as to why you should protect your home or business wireless network with a password. Without proper security you are not able to regulate access to your network. Any wireless user within range is able to make an anonymous connection to your network. A wireless connection is equal to and as capable as any computer physically attached to your router or networking equipment.

The first reason is the very practical idea of preserving your bandwidth and maintaining network speed. For each user that connects, your network speed may be diminished.

A great second reason is privacy. When others use your wireless network, you are very likely allowing access to the computers on your network and the personal information they contain. It is sometimes possible that this is unrestricted access to information on all computers.

The third reason and maybe most worrisome is; others may be conducting illegal activity from their computer while associated with your network. This activity could range from the serving of illegal content, to launching malicious attacks on other computers. The authorities are very capable of tracing this activity back to your network.

We believe that properly secured wireless system in an important component of your computer security. Give 600Monkeys a call; our team would be eager to answer your questions.