It can also save you lots of money. There may have been times when it was easier to buy, install and directly connect a new printer so you could quickly print and finish your project.

There are several good reasons why you might want to have all of the computers in your home share one or several printers. It may be that you don’t have the room for many printers. You may have a laptop and want to enjoy wireless portability and still be able to quickly print. Some families have large numbers of electronic devices and it can be much simpler to connect one printer to your home network, and then be able to quickly print when necessary.

We frequently recommend that homes have an inexpensive laser printer to print emails and recipes, and an Inkjet to print color pictures and homework. You may choose to buy a more capable printer with less expensive printing costs, standardized paper and print supplies and recognize faster print speeds. Many printers sold today have built-in network or wireless connections and make printer sharing easy and quick to setup. 600MONKEYS Computer Service and Support can help answer questions and help setup home printing solutions.