$300 is the number I use as an example of how much you can save on a computer purchase. Depending on your needs it may be more or less. We are all encouraged to “spend a little more” on many items we buy; computers are no exception. Most people use their computer to surf the web, read email, create spreadsheets and write documents. We think that $500 computers provide almost all of the horse power most users require. We tell users at our store that $800 computers don’t run twice as fast as $500 computers and that they don’t last twice as long either. There are certainly users who can benefit from spending more on computers; you and I aren’t likely to know many of them.

On the other side of this discussion, we also frequently see users unnecessary stop using computers that are very serviceable. If your computer doesn’t have hardware troubles, computer repair shops can help these work as well as new, at a fraction the cost of new. Repair locations should provide inexpensive (600MONKEYS provides free estimates) estimates to help determine if a sensible repair is in order