i was having trouble with my laptop could not get anybody to give me a real answer what was going on and how much would it be to fix my laptop, i have seen 600 monkeys commercials alot and i needed help now, i came to the store and the guys was right there and fast to help me figure out what was going on after about 10min i had a list on a card of what to get because my laptop was old and out of shape for what i needed, i did what they recommended i needed returned i handed the new and old laptop to them and said take care of me, and WOW they did 2 days later i was up and running and they gave me all the info and help i needed and i know i will have the support i need if i have problems, GREAT JOB guy and thank you so much. oh by the way i was late getting off work and they stayed until i showed up to get my laptop and still go over everything on my laptop again THANK YOU!!