I had an extremely old computer that went “belly up”. I knew I would have to replace it but wanted my photos and videos off of my hard drive transfered to my new computer. Austin was my tech and told me to get a new computer. I went out and bought a new computer and brought it to him so he could transfer the data. Later that day, he called me and said, “I hate to tell you this but your new computer has a problem with the memory. I could fix it but then I would have to charge you for the service and that’s ridiculous since this is a brand new computer. I would suggest coming back getting your new computer getting a refund and buying a different computer.” So that is what I did. My old computer had died quite a while ago and Austin was not sure he would be able to get my photos and videos off of my old computer. However he was able to do exactly that! Austin, you are my super hero! Also, Eric was able to explain to me all of the new features of my new computer. What can I say but these people are #1 in service! I will be taking all of my computer needs to the “super heros” at 600monkeys from now on!