I was retiring and planned to have my computer system copied to a new personally owned lap top before i turned in the company owned unit to headquarters. I personally and specifically instructed the Techs, Kojo, Ben and Austin to copy the contents over to the new laptop they helped me select.
when i arrived to pick up the 2 laptops, i learned that the contents were moved to the new unit leaving the company unit altered and blank of information they expected to have access to. They acknowledged that the mistake was theirs and did transfer the information back, initially at a extra fee.
This was a problem as the record showed that the contents had been removed and raised the question with the Company’s IT team as to why this was done and what might be / was missing and /or altered in the process.
To top it off, they were initially planning to charge me for the transfer back of the data. it was only under my protest that there were no charges to correct their error.

the most upsetting aspect of all of this was that the internal data showed that the contents and internal data had been removed and then reinstalled raising questions of why and creating unnecessary suspicion of motives and altered data.

The techs were accommodating and seemed skilled BUT by not following my specific request created unnecessary problems for me.