600 Monkeys is a WASTE of money and time. I was promised that my laptop would be working as good as new if not better – as posted on the website and in the building. However, after $195.00 my laptop is still working exactly the same. They somehow were able to show faster starting when picked up, then changes when get home.

I went back in to ask for a repair per the guarantee, or a refund. Eric claimed that he did not know how computer came in and then stated that was working like new, yet another staff member said nothing who was there when I originally brought it in. Eric fully believes that a slow start and slow operations if fully acceptable – e.g. at least 30 to 40 seconds to even get past startup screen and similar times to open the internet and other programs. Apparently, Eric is boss/owner and the other staff member is afraid to contradict Eric. Eric fully refused to refund my money in full or in part – e.g. no customer service by Eric.