I used to work in an office where I could utilize my IT department for all my computer issues. I never had a need to search out someone to “fix” my computer but after my laptop finally quit working I had to do something. 600 Monkeys has been advertising on WHO Radio for quite awhile so when my laptop would not start up I had to do something. I called at noon on a Saturday and had my computer dropped of by 2 pm that day. Austin said he could rebuild my profile and I should have my laptop back in a few days. They called on Monday and I went down that afternoon to pick it up. That’s when I met Jim, the owner. He told me my profile was rebuilt and that my computer would work. He also told me that there was a few viruses on it and that somebody may have had the ability to troll my machine for the last few years. I didn’t want a half fixed computer so I told him to do what needed to be done. By Thursday of the same week they called and said it was ready for pickup. I went to pick it up and the team gave me a quick tutorial on how to use my “NEW” computer. It literally functioned like I had never remembered. They consolidated discombobulated files, installed new OS, organized my desktop so it’s usable and gave me links to tools to help me keep my machine safe. For an extremely reasonable price, Jim and his team were able to take my old laptop and rebuilt it into a screaming fast working machine. 600Monkeys in West Glen gets a “10” from me.