I received the best service with 600monkeys. I have a new laptop with warrenty and started having problems with programs. All of a sudden my computer no longer had any programs and basically wiped out all memory. I was a still a student in the medical field and needed computer for school and my warrenty would of held up my computer for a month or two. I went to 600Monkeys and was very impressed with their quality of service and plus they didn’t charge me an arm and leg. Reasonable price and I’ve had my computer for three months now and not one problem. They set me up with the best program that can’t be penetrated by internet phonies attempting to take over. I am completely satisfied. They gave me protection from future viruses and the assurance of taking care of any future problems at no charge. 600monkeys should be the leader for other company’s to learn how to treat customers and how to stand behind their service. Their honesty is what brought me to their store. I know !

I am not the only customer they have gone above and beyond for. Don’t take my word for it, just go to their store and you’ll know your in the best of care. Thank you 600monkeys. Thank God I went to your store.