When my computer gave out, I was frustrated and distraught. I take it to a big name, big box store at around 9 or ten in the morning. She said it could only be done by appointment and the earliest they could get me in at 11:30. I asked if I could leave the computer there while I wait. She curtly said no. I said a short old Anglo Saxon word under my breath and she rudely said none of that. I was nearly three times her age. I angrily left. I walked in another shop, and asked if there were any good computer repair places. He recommended 600 monkeys and gave me directions. I found it in spite of myself. They were courteous and had the old school manners the other place lacked. They were honest and friendly, so I left my old HAL9000 in their capable hands. When I got home, I was informed that I chose wisely.