After days spent trying to fix my non-working, 6 year old computer, I asked a friend if she knew of a computer repair shop and was referred to 600Monkeys. They diagnosed the problem in 10 minutes while I waited, gave me 2 options to save the old computer or buy a new one, gave me great $-saving advice for a new computer, then performed all of the data/program transfer (which I was dreading trying to do myself) to the new computer. A short 2 days later when my husband and I went to pick up our new computer, Jim gave us a short “exit” seminar about our new computer explaining the free office and virus programs they had installed (which so far work fine) along with great recommendations for keeping the new computer more secure and safe from virus and malware attacks. We were so impressed and grateful for the professionalism, prompt service, and fair price we found at 600Monkeys! We will absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs help with their computer!