I have never had my computer worked by anyone before I took it in to 600Monkeys, I had no idea what to expect, I could only hope for the best. I think I got just that, the Best. My computer has been working like it was brand new, and it is eight years, opps, nine years old. I have had great response, total control of my apps and it has never worked better! In addition, due to “Operator error” I could not get my computer to recognize my mouse, and being strictly a mouse user, I could not remember the control keys to use for any actions. Jim was gracious enough to come to my home and “fix” it. I discovered that I am too short to reach the plug-in in the back of my computer and it was not properly connected. Jim was able to get the connection plugged in properly and I have a completely working system!! Yea!!
Thank you so much!