We get many questions each week, one of the most frequent is,“Should I turn my computer off when I’m not using it?” We’ll offer two different answers, depending on your usage and interests .

Answer #1 If you are interested in saving electricity, then turn it off when not in use. However, If you turn it off and on frequently, you may have missed a critical virus or system update and you should actively check for these updates each time it is powered on.

Answer #2 If your interest is security related (”if I leave it turned on, I may be hacked by the bad guys”), then don’t worry – you are just as likely to be hacked when you’re using it (actually, more likely by a self-initiated infection). We encourage computers to remain powered so that they can retrieve security and system updates with the greatest frequency and certainty.

Our business and personal computers remain continuously powered unless we know there is a high likelihood of electrical storms or when not used for extended periods during trips or vacations